An Elderly Woman Called 911 After Her Husband Passed, But She Never Expected Officers To Do This

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When an elderly woman named Geraldeine Tabor suddenly became a widow, she phoned the Glendale, Arizona police to report her husband’s passing.

Officers who arrived at the scene noticed the untimely situation. Realizing that the aging woman would now be on her own to care for herself, they inspected her house to see if there was anything else they could do to make things a little easier.

That’s when Sgt. Jeff Turney saw that the widow’s front door lock wasn’t working. He noted,

“It was a lock that’s normally used on the inside of the house for a bathroom-and it wouldn’t latch. There was no latch on it. She was using a dead bold to try to keep it locked at night.”

He couldn’t just leave the old woman in an unsafe environment, so he decided to fix the problem. Fox 10 reported that with his Home Depot card that he had tucked away in his wallet, he sent an officer to go pick out a new front door lock. The sergeant even installed the woman’s new lock himself.

Geraldeine expressed her gratitude for the officers who came to her aid, “They have enough of a big job taking care of us out there…I really do appreciate it.”

Although he couldn’t magically take away her pain, this officer at least gave her the gift of a safer house and better night’s rest.