Authorities have released a body cam video that captured the moments when a police officer charged into the middle of gunfire to rescue a woman and her three children.

The incident occurred on Sunday afternoon at a home on Alameda Drive in Deltona, Florida.

A woman, Victoria Rosado, phoned 911 and told police that she and her husband had separated, but that he had shown up at her home. She reported that he was “acting crazy” and said that he had locked her in the house. Victoria told officers that her husband was carrying a weapon but that he wouldn’t harm anyone.

The following is part of the 911 call:

Victoria Rosado: “I don’t believe he would do anything stupid.”

Dispatcher: “OK.”

Victoria Rosado: “To the police.  He is very respectful when it comes to authority.”

(Victoria Rosado also told the dispatcher that her husband was carrying a 9mm. She told him to put the gun away before police arrived.)

Victoria Rosado: “Put that somewhere, please!”

Emmanuel Rosado: “Why?”

Victoria Rosado: “Because they know you have a weapon. Just leave! I know you are not going to do anything but to make it safe for them.  When they come in here, they don’t shoot you, OK?  Please go put it away.”

That’s when the dispatcher heard a scream, and the line hung up.

CBS 12 reported that inside her house were her three children, between the ages of 23 months and 7 years old. Responding deputies arrived at the scene. Deputy Justin Ferrari, who wore a body cam, heard gunshots and heard a man yell, “you’re going to die tonight.”

Shots were fired inside the home, and deputies were shot at twice. The two deputies returned fire.

When Ferrari reached the house, he saw the woman lying on the ground outside with a gunshot wound to her leg.

CBS News
CBS News

The deputy dragged her to safety at the neighbor’s house.

He checked inside the house and immediately rushed the three children from the scene. The children were sobbing as they ran to his arms.

Neither the deputies nor anyone inside the house was harmed during the exchange of gunfire.

Victoria’s husband emerged from the house and surrendered.

He has been identified as 26-year-old Emmanuel Rosado.


Victoria was airlifted to Central Florida Regional Hospital in Sanford for treatment of her injury. Her husband had shot her with a 9mm handgun. She is expected to recover.

The Sherriff’s office released this statement about the incident,

“When we say law enforcement officers run toward danger as others run away, this is what we’re talking about. The deputies who responded to this shooting incident yesterday afternoon in Deltona didn’t hesitate; their instincts and training kicked in.”

Emmanuel was arrested and taken into custody. He faces charges of three counts of first-degree murder.

The man accused cried in front of the judge.



He is being held without bond at the Volusia County Jail in Daytona Beach.