These blue lines are popping up in neighborhoods in America. Here’s what they mean.

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Blue lines have been popping up across neighborhoods in America, showing support for law enforcement officers in the community.

The idea was started by Texas resident Anthony Welchiko, who posted this image on social media with the following caption.


The Safe Harbor Initiative:

To all law enforcement who see this line, know that the residents of this home appreciate your service and dedication to keeping the peace. Know that when you enter the neighborhood and see these lines that you are not alone or without “back-up”. We do not need the media to make our voices of support for our police and emergency services heard ( though it would be nice). Lastly, if you are in my neighborhood and mean to harm a member of law enforcement, know that decision may be hazardous to you health as someone has that officers back!

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The post was shared over 65,000 times on Facebook alone.

Despite the heinous, cold-blooded crimes against police officers that have dominated the news lately, a far larger majority of Americans love and support the men and women in blue, who put their lives on the line to protect their communities day in and day out.

So next time you see this thin blue line on the curb, know that it’s from a family that supports the blue.