Report: Police Officers Are Being Targeted By ISIS Terrorists


Police in Britain have been warned that they could be new targets of ISIS related kidnappings.

The warning was issued after a recent attack near the RAF Marham base in Norfolk, England. On Wednesday, July 20th, a Royal Air Force serviceman was accosted by a man who dragged him towards a vehicle. The serviceman was able to escape harm as he fought off two Middle Eastern attackers.

Since the attempted abduction, the Military have been told to “keep a low profile” while in public and members of the police force were instructed to “stay vigilant to possible dangers.”

A spokeswoman for the National Police Chief’s Council explained,

“Since October 2014 when the threat level to police officers and staff was heightened, we have been regularly reiterating the heightened risk to our workforce and reminding them to stay vigilant and alert to any possible dangers. We are asking them to follow existing policies and good practice. You will see no major changes in the way we continue to police the UK and engage with our communities – our emphasis is on vigilance.”

She continued, “For security and operational reasons, we would not reveal specific security advice as doing so would only benefit those who wish to undermine it.”

According to The Mirror, these warnings were issued by counter-terrorist officials who hope to avoid a repeated tragedy like the murder of soldier Lee Rigby. Three years ago, Rigby was attacked in London by terrorists who used knives and a cleaver to hack him to death. The terrorists told passers-by that they killed a soldier in order to avenge the killing of Muslims by the British armed forces.

A threat to British forces means that at threat to the U.S. is a very real possibility. Given the recent violence in the U.S. police communities, our law enforcement officials face an undeniable risk.

We must be aware of any threats, be prepared to fight back and always stay a step ahead.

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