Milwaukee officer shot multiple times while sitting in his police car

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An officer from Milwaukee, Wisconsin was viciously attacked while assisting on a domestic dispute call.

While his colleagues were investigating the scene near South 17th Street and West Morgan Avenue at around 2 a.m. on Sunday, 31-year-old Officer Brandon Baranowski sat in his squad car.

That’s when the suspect approached the car on foot and fired shots into the squad car, hitting the officer several times.

Window glass shattered from the shots.

Michael Sears
Michael Sears

The suspect then fled the scene and committed suicide. Officers found the young man’s body in a nearby yard with a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

The suspect was identified as 20-year-old Tomas A. Uriegas.


WISN reported that Uriegas is the same person involved in both the shooting of the officer and the domestic dispute that led them there.

Mayor Barrett stated,

“I do believe this was an ambush. Again, it was not an ambush in the sense of Baton Rouge, but the officer was sitting in his squad and was shot. That, to me, is an ambush.  He was ambushed.”

The officer was hit in the arm and the chest. William Jessup, MPD Assistant Chief explained,

“He was saved by his vest, basically. He was shot more than once and sustained some injuries that require surgery but he was shot in his vest at least one or two times and the vest saved his life.”

Officer Baranowski was taken to Froedtert Hospital for surgery. His injuries are reportedly non-life threatening.

The young officer had devoted 13 years of his life to the service. Jessup stated, “This is just another example of the risks our officers take each and every day to protect these citizens.”

Law officials guarded the crime scene.

Fox 6
Fox 6

The Milwaukee Police Association posted the following statement:

We [MPD/MPA] are truly blessed today. The officer that was seriously injured late night/early this morning, is a good cop that has pledged himself to service of community; in-fact, was engaged in sworn duty at the time he was brutally attacked. This officer, like many others, risk their life each and every day so that we may have a safer city… and certainly so we may sleep through the night uninterrupted.

Tonight that wasn’t the case. This COP is also a husband, father and a child of loving parents; they did not sleep through the night, rather they were awoken to the unknown. I saw the pain and concern in the parents faces, as well as that of the officer’s bride. I also felt the absolute terror that obviously was haunting Mrs. COP.

This incident will soon be forgotten by the community, however for the family of the officer, and he himself, this night will replay… replay. I truly believe, collectively from our officers – they give more than they will ever receive.

I am relieved and grateful. Every command officer, hardworking sergeant and officers at the scene or hospital were all united of focus toward concern and care of the injured. For those officer(s) nearby they too need support – injury is not always manifested solely by physical scar.

A special note of gratitude to our neighboring brethren – thank you for your response/support! …a very special thank you to our firefighter/rescue brothers & sisters!

Believe in your prayers! We pray for a complete and solid recovery while we give praise and rejoice that we have been spared tragedy. We also pray for guidance and clarity for our leadership/administration.

With a partner seated next to our COP today would the outcome have been better… I believe it would have been. Two-man Squads are essential in the ever changing high-risk environment.

Tensions in the law enforcement community are on the rise due to the multitude of recent police-related crime. Milwaukee Police have been instructed to respond to calls in two-person squads from now on until further notice.