BREAKING: Los Angeles Police Officer Shot By Gang Member; Suspect Killed

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A Los Angeles, California Police Officer was shot and wounded after a gun battle broke out near a housing project in Watts.

The incident occurred Monday around 11 p.m. in the Nickerson Gardens area on E. 11th Street and Antwerp Street.

Officers were patrolling the area when they approached a disruptive group of reported gang members. Lt. Chris Ramirez explained that after officers had given orders, the group refused to cooperate. A suspect then fled the scene on foot, forcing officers to initiate a chase.

That’s when a suspect pulled out a handgun. Shots were fired by the suspect and by at least one officer. An officer was shot in the arm and the suspect was fatally shot. The suspect allegedly fired at least 10 rounds at officers.

Crime scene markers pinpointed where the shooting took place.

LA Times
LA Times

KTLA reported that the suspect’s mother, Lisa Simpson, claimed that her son was walking across the street when officers shot him. She exclaimed, “The police killed my son for nothing. He was running across the street and they killed my son.” It is unknown if Simpson was at the scene at the time.

A group of protestors gathered after the shooting but eventually left the scene.

LA Times
LA Times

Police monitored the area after the incident.

LA Times
LA Times

The suspect’s weapon was recovered, and the incident is under investigation.

The officer was hospitalized and is now in stable condition. He has been released from the hospital and is expected to recover.